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Neelam Stone in Astrology

Neelam Stone in Astrology
Neelam Stone is the Gem Stone that strengthens Saturn. In Hindu Astrology Saturn is concidered a Judge it gives results of the Houses it transits and its placement and aspects play a very important role in Astrology. If favorable and strong then this planet can give exceptional results and if unfavorable it can create problems that have no solutions.
Even if favorable if a Planet is weak it will not give results - just like a friend who wants to help you but is unable to do so because he has no means - no strength.
Neelam Stone is the Gem Stone that strengthens Saturn. In Hindu Astrology Saturn is concidered.
So, wearing a Neelam Stone can strengthen Saturn and give you favourable results.
Neelam Stone is considered to be the Gem of planet Jupiter. Planet Jupiter rules the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Pisces.

Neelam Stone is the birthstone of two Zodiac signs controlled by Jupiter namely Sagittarius and Pisces. If this Gemstone is worn by those born under these zodiac signs - then they are able to get all that is detailed above as the karka for Jupiter.
Saturn if malefic can cause problems in teeth, bones, feet, knees, ribs, hairs, nails and secretive system. Diseases given by Saturn are generally chronic like paralyses, gout, insanity, and rheumatism.
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